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Quilt Style Width x Height (in) Width x Height (cm)
Playmat Quilt Size 14 x 24 36 x 61
Cot / Crib Quilt Size 35 x 60 89 x 152
Throw Quilt Size 55 x 71 140 x 180
Single Quilt Size 71 x 101 180 x 257
Double Quilt Size 86 x 101 218 x 257
Queen Quilt Size 92 x 106 234 x 269
King Quilt Size 110 x 106 279 x 269
Cal King Quilt Size 104 x 110 264 x 279


How accurate are these quilt sizes?

We have compiled a collection of common quilt sizes. Whilst there is no hard and fast rule when sizing up your quilt, we are providing common quilt sizes to get you started. There is a little wiggle room on the width and height, you can modify the size of your quilt dependant on your particular use.

Will the sizes fit on my bed?

The quilt sizes we provide are based on standard bed sizes and a medium drop length. This means we have included an allowance on the sides so that the quilt hangs over the edge of your bed. If you are designing a quilt to fit on a particular bed, we recommend measuring your bed to double check the exact size.

What is drop length?

Drop length is the amount of material that hangs over the bed side - this is where quilt sizes can be flexible, it's personal preference. Our quilt sizes are based on a medium drop length of 32 inches (81cm) to the width and 26 inches (66cm) to the height. This does not apply to playmats, or throws.